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MONSTER - 1 min cut

I’ll take you to the rock star
He’s waiting for you, girl, oh there
I’ll take you to the rock star
Don’t cry, girl, before you get hurt

Came into my life
Know, you make me such a fool
Get out, get out, tonight
Don’t let me irritated
Came into my life
Twist it as you like to do
Never, never, tonight
I’m gonna make you be hurt
You you you, you’re so bad girl
Look at me, look at me, girl

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[Photos] CNBLUE Can’t Stop Live in Taipei (2014.05.26-27)

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[MAGAZINE] CNBLUE Yonghwa – Esquire Korea August Issue ‘14 1193x1600

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[140816 YongHwa as Park Dalhyang new pic - CNBLUE Facebook update]
[D-1] 언제나 검을 손에서 놓지 않는 조선의 달타냥 ‪#‎정용화‬ 씨(‪#‎박달향‬ 역)!
*tvN 일요드라마 ‪#‎삼총사‬ , 내일 8월 17일(일) 밤 9시 공개됩니다.

[D-1] Chosun dynasty’s D’Artagnan, ‪#‎JungYongHwa‬(‪#‎ParkDalHyang‬) rarely let the sword out of his hand.
*tvN Sunday drama ‪#‎theThreeMusketeers‬ will premiere on tomorrow Aug 17(Sun) at 9PM.

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